The e-WGT S.A. company belongs to the Warsaw Commodities Exchange, from which, in the beginning of 2007, it has overtaken the activity in the matter of stock trade.

In the beginning, from 1995, the stock bidding sessions were conducted in the traditional manner, with the physical presence of the stock brokers on the floor of the Commodity Exchange. From June 2001, the organization of bidding sessions on the IGT internet platform has been commenced. This platform gives the possibility of sale of mass stock, which is standardized and divided into particular contracts. Until the end of 2006, about 1000 internet sessions have taken place, and their total sales exceeded 1 billion USD.

The stock, which is the most popular on the bidding sessions is grain, meat, butter, and sugar. Currently, the object of trade, according to the e-WGT S.A. Market Regulations, may include, apart from agricultural products, solid fuels, liquid fuels, and other resources. During the session, the IGT system generates up-to-date stock exchange tariff informing about the bid stock, sold quantities, and their prices. The data is available on our website. Thanks to our innovative solutions, they are a reliable source of information concerning the prices in Poland.

The e-WGT S.A. system has been created on the basis of international and national norms. Therefore, it is secure for all market participants. The e-WGT S.A. clients may use the service of settling the transaction both for the purchaser and the seller of the stock.